Barbuda Caribbean Island

The island of Barbuda is nestled in the Eastern Caribbean, secluded from its sister island Antigua. About 1800 people inhabit this ancient British colony; most of them are living in the only town, Codrington named after the family who leased the island for 185 years.

barbuda caribbean island

Barbuda is 62 square miles and is one of the last undeveloped islands in the Caribbean where preserving wildlife is a priority, which makes it one of a kind.
The island is renowned for its Magnificent Frigate Bird colony and endless pink sand beaches, but the island and its people have much more to offer. Leap in time by visiting historical sites, explore the numerous caves, dive the beautiful surrounding reefs and wrecks or just relax on the longest beach of the Caribbean, the choice is yours.

For more information on things to do on Barbuda, please visit Barbuda, the official tourism website for Antigua and Barbuda.

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